Data Backup & Anti-Virus
for Android Phones & Tablets.
What is MobileRaptor?

PC Backup Software for Android Devices

MobileRaptor supports hundreds of Android models on the market and enables users to transfer and edit data and content between Android devices and computers, such as Contacts, Calendars, Music/Ringtones, Photos, Movies, Web Bookmarks and Text Messages.

What is Lookout?

Basic Anti-Virus Protection for Android Devices*

Free mobile security and anti-virus to protect your Android. Get peace of mind with the #1 security app for Android. Scan every app you download to block malware and spyware and keep your Android phone or tablet protected. If your device goes missing, you can find it quickly and easily no matter where it is.

*Android tablets running Honeycomb 3.0/3.1 not currently supported (coming soon).

  • FutureDial Launches First Software Prepaid Card for Mobile Security and File Backup Protection for Android Phones and Tablets
  • MobileRaptor is offered as a pre-paid scratch card for software download.
    availible at:
    MobileRaptor Features
    Transfer & Edit Content

    Transfer and edit phonebooks, calendars, music/ringtones, pictures, videos, text messages and web bookmarks between Android devices and your PC. After saving them to your PC, you can also share them with friends and family.

    Customize Music & Ringers

    Save and transfer MP3s and other music files between your Android phone or tablet and PC. Also, you can create customized Ringtones for your Android phone with MobileRaptor's audio editing function.

    Save & Edit Pictures on your PC

    Now you can easily and quickly transfer all of the pictures from your Android phone or tablet to your PC for safekeeping in just one step! Also, you can edit your pictures by adding and creating visual effects. You can then use them for whatever you choose.

    Text Messages Made Easy

    Easily save and archive text messages with MobileRaptor. You can also use your PC keyboard to more easily compose text messages, and mass-blast them from the PC through your device to up to 500 recipients simultaneously!

    Side-by-Side Display

    MobileRaptor displays your contacts and calendar entries from both your Android device and Outlook on a single side-by-side display for your convenience. Easily compare and transfer information between the Android device and Outlook on the PC.

    Free Up Memory on your Phone

    Save large photos and videos on your Android tablet or phone to your PC for safekeeping, so you can make room on your Android device to continue taking even more pictures and videos.

    Lookout Features (Basic Version)
    Anti-Virus Protection

    Scans all apps when downloaded to block any spyware or malware.

    Find Missing Devices

    Find your misplaced phone, or make it scream if your phone is stolen.

    Data Backup to the Cloud

    Backup and restore your data.

    MobileRaptor with Lookout: File Backup and Anti-Virus for Android
    MobileRaptor Screenshots
    Lookout Screenshots
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    • Acer beTouch E130
    • Acer Liquid E - Ferrari Special Edition
    • Acer Stream
    • Acer Liquid E
    • Acer Liquid


    • Alcatel OT-980


    • Streak


    • Nexus One


    • myTouch 4G
    • G2
    • Aria
    • DROID Incredible
    • DROID Eris
    • EVO 4G
    • myTouch
    • myTouch 3G Slide
    • Wildfire (CDMA)
    • Desire (CDMA)
    • Nexus One
    • Hero
    • Hero (GSM)
    • Legend
    • Tattoo
    • Magic


    • Axis
    • Ally
    • Optimus One


    • DROID X
    • DROID
    • DROID 2
    • DROID 2 Global
    • DROID Pro
    • Dravo
    • Defy
    • Dext
    • Charm
    • Milestone (CDMA)
    • i1
    • Quench
    • Flipout


    • SKY Mirach
    • SKY Vega
    • SKY Izar
    • SKY Sirius


    • Nexus S
    • Galaxy Tab
    • Galaxy Portal
    • Galaxy 580
    • Galaxy 550
    • Galaxy 3
    • Galaxy BEAM
    • Galaxy A
    • Galaxy Spica
    • Intercept
    • Showcase
    • Mesmerize
    • Transform
    • Epic 4G
    • Captivate
    • Intercept
    • Vibrant
    • Acclaim
    • Behold II
    • Moment

    Sony Ericsson

    • Xperia X8
    • Xperia X10
    • Xperia X10 mini
    • Xperia X10 mini pro
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